With our 15 years engineering and shipbuilding background, we provide only high and proven quality products. We assist the whole process from tender stage to the delivery with our technical expertise. Our products are being installed and used all over the world. We are shipbuilders and we listen carefully to understand your challenges.

We are exclusive agents for well known brands and all our partners are able to provide all kind of type approval and product certificates from all classification societies (incl. IACS) and our production standards complies with ISO and IMO standards.
We are here to provide the quality on great price and earlier than you expected.

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Our Clients

Marine Accommodation outfitting products

We design, engineer, deliver and install turn-key accommodation projects. New build or refit projects, improving accommodation for more optimize space arrangement, Nosie or vibration levels. We control whole process from inquiry to delivery in all stages.

Through our strong partner Cita Marine, we also deliver marine accommodation products such as honeycomb doors, panels, fixed and removable furniture, seats, sofas, chairs, marine grade soft furniture.

Ship Windows, Side Scuttles and Portholes

We provide high quality ship windows, portholes, wiper systems, Fire rated windows and portholes, glasses. Bridge Deck, Accommodation Deck, Engine Control rooms Windows.
All our windows made of aluminum, steel and stainless steel materials, we fulfill the requirements of all classification societies (incl. IACS members), international standards (ISO 3903 and IMO 754(18)

Customization available upon request such as custom shape of windows, frames, mounting types, glass types (laminated, heated, double glazed, fire resistant) All kind of portholes. Our products comply with all classification societies, ISO 1751, IMO 754(18) standards. Wiper systems: Straight Line, Pantograph wipers High quality, cost effective and proven solitons.

Ship Stainless Steel Galley-Pantry

We design and deliver all kind of stainless steel ship galley and pantry. First define the specification with our clients then we make 3D model with 100% precision for your projects. Once we agree on the design and specification we produce and deliver to your door.

We are also able to provide high end stainless steel furniture upon request and we are more than happy to assist your development projects with our experience in stainless steel materials.

Turn key or partly if you want high quality products at the most reasonable cost, please contact us for all your inquiries.

Watertight / Weathertight doors and Hatches

For our clients, we design, engineer and manufacture;

  • Watertight doors and hatches (flush or high coamings)
  • Weather tight doors, decorative doors and hatches
  • Mist Eliminators
  • Door accessories: Door stop/Catch, spring loaded catch, heavy duty marine hinges.

We have a high level standardization and we are also able to provide custom solutions to our customers. All our products comply with the international standards and IACS classification societies.

Marine Cranes and Winches

We are happy to provide Marine winches and Cranes for your projects. With our engineering background we assist you in the design stage and support till the delivery and the commission of the equipment.

Marine Winches: Towing winch, Active Heave Compensation Winch, Anchor Winch, Constant Tension Winch, Capstain/Vertical Windlass, Deep sea Winch, Trawl Winch.

Marine Cranes: Offshore Cranes, Passive/Active Heave Compensation Cranes, Cargo Handling Cranes, Hatch Cover Cranes, Telescopic Boom Cranes, Provision – Hose Handling Cranes, Yacht Cranes, Rescue Boat Davit Cranes, Freefall Lifeboat Davit Cranes

All our products can be offered with required class certificates from IACS member classification societies and we offer fully customized solutions for any project.

Bow/Stern Thrusters and Propulsion Systems

We provide tailor made bow thruster, stern thruster for ships and mega yachts to support the mooring or harbor operations and extends maneuvering ability. When applied in Dynamic Positioning systems, extends the Dynamic Positioning capability of offshore supply vessels

Steel/Stainless steel/Aluminum Deck outfitting products

In our workshop we are happy to assist our clients with custom steel, stainless steel, aluminum outfitting parts and equipment. We design, engineer and get all the necessary approvals for our constructions and deliver to our clients.

Stern rollers
Anchor handling rollers
Steel/Stainless steel high end mooring deck fittings, bollards.