A Strong Shipbuilding Bridge Between the Professionals

Who we are?

B2B Marine, is a privately owned, independent naval architectural & consulting company located in Rotterdam with 17 years of experience in shipbuilding.

Our Vision and What we do?

 B2B Marine is dedicated to delivering reliable, professional, and high-quality ship equipment and solutions, primarily catering to Dutch shipbuilders. Our overarching vision is to elevate the competitiveness of Dutch shipbuilding on all fronts.

Aligned with our customers’ values and goals, we actively collaborate to minimize costs, maximize revenues, and enhance overall profitability.



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Our main products

  • Ship windows, portholes, wiper systems
  • Watertight, weathertight doors – hatches
  • Turn-key and various marine accommodation products including honeycomb panels, interior doors, furniture and soft furniture, stainless steel galley
  • Marine Crane, Winch, Windlass, Capstan, Life-Saving Equipment, Davits, rescue boats Bow & Stern thrusters

B2B Marine Engineering and Consultancy Services:

Under the umbrella of B2B Marine Engineering and Consultancy, we provide reliable engineering and consultancy services to Dutch shipyards, engineering offices and various maritime equipment/technology suppliers. 

We Offer All Round Maritime Services such as:

Shipbuilding equipment / Systems and products


Ship Design & Engineering, Flexible Engineering Capacity


Shipbuilding Consultancy & Project Management

Alican Kilinc

Alican Kilinc, Founder

After completing his studies in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at TU Istanbul, Alican embarked on a diverse and distinguished career, holding various roles within international organizations. These roles included positions such as Design Engineer, Project Manager Engineering, Sales Manager, and Shipyard Section Leader. Over the course of his 15-year career, Alican successfully completed and contributed to more than one hundred projects.

The concept of B2B Marine began to take shape during his tenure at Damen Shipyards in Gorinchem. Recognizing the ever-evolving and intensely competitive nature of the shipbuilding market, Alican recognized the need for innovative, efficient, dependable, and cost-effective solutions. In response to this demand, he made the strategic decision to leverage his extensive network in both Turkey and the Netherlands, positioning himself to better serve the needs of Dutch Shipbuilders.