B2B Marine will assist VDL AEC Maritime B.V.

We are glad to announce that, B2B Marine and VDL AEC maritime has signed a contract for consulting the classification process of their scrubber systems.
B2B Marine is responsible for managing whole class approval process of the scrubber systems and assisting on the engineering standardization with a system in order to ensure the smooth operations.
We thank VDL AEC Maritime for their trust.


VDL AEC Maritime specializes in SOx scrubbers for ships. Our certified and patented clean air system has re-defined scrubbing technology. Started on land 20 years ago,we now have the simplest and most cost-effective scrubbing system for the shipping industry which meets all emission requirements.

Started on land, evolved at sea

AEC Maritime started out reducing emissions on land and has produced over 2,300 land based scrubbers over the past 2 decades. During this period the innovative technology was optimized and perfected. Six years ago AEC transferred this onshore technology to the sea with the help of industry-renowned partners, such as the VDL Groep. At sea the patented technology is proving to be equally successful and has received certification and approval from a.o. Lloyd’s Register. At this moment there are numerous vessels operating with open loop, closed loop and hybrid scrubbers designed by VDL AEC Maritime.